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Technical Support Division

For over 23 years Reflex have had a strategic resource dedicated to provide Clients with professional Technical Support professionals. Reflex can provide both Contract and Permanent Project management candidates at all levels; from 1st level and Helpdesk through to 2nd Level and on to 3rd Level and Support Management. Our expertise cuts across a variety of hardware, software and application expertise and we can resource support staff working on legacy systems through to the latest cutting edge technologies.

Our strength lies in our ability to source candidates with strong and proven technical support expertise but who also have the required interpersonal skills. Our internal database contains a large number of candidates of varying technical and business backgrounds who are seeking their next assignment or technical support career move. Combine this with excellent market and geographical knowledge plus external advertising and you have a very effective solution!

Each Consultant specialises in a specific geographical or technical area. This allows them to get to know the individual needs of each client, and to provide a very focused Contract and Permanent technical support service.

To avoid complication each Client has its own Account Manager at Reflex, who is responsible for the provision of all recruitment services. This Customer focused service allows Reflex to respond quickly and effectively to client needs in a way that is quite outstanding!

Our success has resulted in an impressive list of Clients who have benefited from our technical support resource service; built from:

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