About Us

With 30 years’ experience, we’ve proven that we have what it takes to match the best people in tech with the right jobs to help our clients thrive.

Why Reflex? Here are ten reasons.

    A selection of candidate positions on our database:

    • Director Level

    • IT Security

    • Infrastructure Specialists

    • Developers

    • Project Leaders

    • Digital Specialists

    • Communications Specialists

    • Database Administrators

    • Sales Executives

    • Business Development

    • Software Engineers

    • Business Analysts

    • Mobile Developers

    • Network Specialists

    • Technical Support

    • Team Leaders

    • IT Managers

    • Hardware Engineers

    • IT Auditors

    • Pre-Sales

    • IT Trainers

    • Systems Administrators

    • E-commerce Specialists

    • Systems Analysts

    • Analyst Programmers

    • Helpdesk Support

    • Desktop Support

    • Project Managers

    • Database Designers

    • IT Consultants

    • Sales Managers

    • Web Designers

    • SAP Specialists

    Reflex Expertise

    Technology is a fast-paced industry. We train our consultants regularly to keep them up-to-date on the latest advances in the sector, in order to continue delivering the best possible service to our clients.

    We mostly work with UK businesses, but we also have global experience, including with clients in the USA, Germany and Ireland.

    Permanent Recruitment

    Our services reduce recruitment times for clients, while still providing a broad range of applicants as possible.

    Our consultants use a broad network of recruitment resources, tools and skills, including the widest-ranging databases, extensive contacts and agile social media techniques to match the best people with the right jobs and effectively coordinate the whole recruitment process.

    Contract Recruitment

    We can provide skilled contractors, interim management or specialist technical experts to meet project deadlines at very short notice.

    We can find the right blend of skills, both in technical and personal ability, in a prompt and cost-effective manner.

    Support Services

    We offer additional assistance, including facilities management, service level agreements, resource management, technical and psychometric testing, remuneration consultancy, and a comprehensive outplacement programme.

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